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ICT Fitness is made up of some of the most accredited and experienced trainers in Wichita. Whether you’re looking to get rid of the spare tire around your belly, recover from an injury, or just take your workouts to the next level, we have options for you. We offer monthly memberships, one on one personal training as well as small group training and boot camps that will challenge you to reach your greatest potential.  
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Thanks to my personal trainer, Jarred Maxwell for helping me shed 13 lbs & 4% body fat in 8 weeks. Your commitment to your clients and knowledge in health/fitness is unsurpassed! ICT Fitness is a small but mighty "private" 24/7 membership gym that delivers!!! Thanks Jarred!!!

Debbie F.

    Nathan has really helped me with my overall body strength.  I thought I was in pretty good shape when I started working out with him.   But I could hardly do one push up.  Less than a year later, I can do three sets of 10 push ups.  My husband and friends notice the definition and muscle in my arms now.  I notice my overall body strength has improved too.  My core is much stronger and I can do things I never thought possible.  I am in the best shape of my life at 50.


    “Nate Johnson is an excellent personal trainer. He is very friendly and personable so that the training sessions are fun. He is also highly proficient and professional. The careful weight program he designed for me has helped me to loose 40 pounds in five months at age 60 while greatly improving my muscle tone, strength and balance without sustaining any kind of injury. The arthritic aches I had before starting the program have disappeared. Nate is also quick to answer any questions I may have regarding nutrition and exercise.” 



Nathan Johnson: Owner/Personal Trainer

Results-oriented Certified Personal Training Proffessional with a passion for designing exersice and nutrition programs that maximize workout effeciency, improve fitness, increase stamina, and develope an overallsense of well being. Personable trainer able to coach and motivate clients and createand environment where wellness goals are achievable and executed producing lifetime results.  With over a decade of training experience I am dedicated to providing an environment and experience  that provides a comfortable that makes working out enjoyable. 



Rachel has a passion for healthy living for 6 years, and have been professionally training for 2 years. After working in law enforcement and having a daughter, I realized how important exercising and nutrition are for my health. As I began exploring the world of fitness, my passion turned to helping others find enjoyment in their health journeys, and celebrating their successes through the process. Training at ICT Fitness has provided me with the opportunity to help others improve their lives by finding comfort and confidence in the weight room and balance in nutrition.


As a Military Veteran and former Law Enforcement Officer, being in shape was part of my daily life.  After leaving those roles, my life changed and the years of a sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition had taken its toll. I was developing serious health problems that lead me to an ultimatum; take action or risk an early death. 

Six years ago, I made the decision to overhaul my fitness, diet, and overall health - and I have never looked back.  I now love using my skills, my journey, and my experience to help others achieve a healthier, more fulfilling life .  Let me design a custom program to enable you to become the best version of yourself possible.


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